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See what our patients have to say about our service:

Canyon Davis – Infusion and Enteral Patient

Canyon Davis is a funny, bright and happy little boy. It’s hard to imagine that only a little over a year ago he began the fight of his life, for his life. At only a few days old Canyon underwent critical surgery to correct a problem with his small intestines. The result of this surgery was that Canyon had to have 65% of his intestines removed due to a condition called a “vovulus”, which caused most of his bowel to scar. He spent the next few months in the hospital waiting for his body to adapt. His surgery had left his small intestine disconnected. After a few months Canyon had another surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to reconnect his small intestines. In order for Canyon to sustain life, he had an IV catheter put in. It is through that catheter that he gets his TPN (nutrition by vein).

Having an IV creates the need for a lot of medical supplies that help keep it clean and attached. Since we live in Southwest Virginia Canyon’s medical supplies, once he was home, were provided by Vital Care. Canyon’s life has been made easy because of the relationship between us and the Vital Care’s staff on his behalf. Needing a lot of assistance and medication, Vital Care’s help has been constantly strong and supportive. Without Canyon’s fight and Vital Care’s support, this life would not have been possible.

Betty S. Street – Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Thank you so much for the hormone mixture. It helps me sleep better at night and I do not get so tired of a day. Before starting the cream I was having a terrible time sleeping. Believe it or not the first day I tried it I slept all night. Before the cream it was nothing for me to wake up 10-20 times a night. I was always so tired all day. Thanks again.

Anonymous –Diabetic Patient: Neuropathic Pain

“I was ready to cut my toes off!” Then I found out that Vital Care could compound a medication to help with the pain from my diabetic neuropathy. Until this, I had tried every pain medication that a doctor could prescribe with no relief. For the first time in years, I had a restful night of sleep.

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